Vienna Fair 2014

Vienna Fair 2014. 
I love Art. And Creativity. Dealing with new materials and fabrics. 

my favourite pieces are listed here. I realised, that I have a thing for photography (what wonder ;)),  abstract oily art with great color schemes and watercolor paintings.
Polo für Arme, 2013 by Thomas Feuerstein, coal on paper - Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman / Why? Wonderful critical and sarcastic
The Field Photographer, 2014 by Andy Denzler - Galerie Michael Schultz

South Lowell 8, 2014 by Damian Stamer - Galerie Michael Schultz

Negro with crows (from Series: Tribute to Hironymus Bosch in Congo), 2012 by Jan Fabre - Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art / Why? It´s actually not one of my alltime favs, its made out of jewel beetle wing-cases on wood, thousands of insects died for that piece of art. In Art its always okay to take pieces of dead animals and make something with it, still its shiny pieces of corpse :(
Both pieces from above: The Great Dictator (Hommage to Charlie Chaplins wonderful satirical political comedy-drama film from 1940), 2014 by Vadim Zakharov
Karl Marx - Capital, 2013 by Jochen Höller, Paper Collage
La vie En Rose, 2012 by Carlos Aires, pink vinyl records ;)

Palmlegs! :D
Its me! Not art, but fashion. Hahah. In my new Scottish Tartan coat. Love.
Without my new Scottish Tartan coat, but with my friends from Modeschule Hetzendorf (we know each other for nearly 10 years, ahhh, I am getting old hahah). Danay in clashy orange, an Industrial Design student at Die Angewandte and Miriam, the sporty spice, she sometimes helps me out as a model.
Great picture, such beautiful, broken green eyes. Nicci Ilfoveanu, 2013 by Valerica Eau De Vie

I love how Otis Lambert uses the things u find as broken or lost pieces in the corner of a childs room to produce something new. Love love, will copy ähh will be inspired hahaha
We put a lot of money into clothing actually, when somebody is right, he is right :)
Girl Power. Told them to stay and they did. Pretty Henrike and Pretty Elisa :*
I immediately knew, this man is no Austrian. No artyfarty Austrian would dress in pink. SuperSadly. Its Nicholas Treadwell, a London Gallerist, who know lives in Aigen (Upper Austria, crazy I know) with a huge gallery. Thanks for making the world more shiny and pink!
Awesome combination! Love the details.
Love! I wish I would be so brave as Nicholas and would shave a heart on my head.
Picturesque, 2014 by Florian Nitsch - that couple is a great team, Art Business can be though, he was selected as one of few to show at the Vienna Fair!

Love!! Its a real room with wooden panels on the walls. From an Art student of Die Angewandte

One of my favs!! Sooo beautiful, my heart remembers Disney, fairytales, wings, eagles, freedom, sun, possability.
Artist and piece. Thomas Gänszler and his steel construction (actually its painted wood), great thoughh! The industrial piece in between us.

Love the colors and that icy feelings that shivers my back :)

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