SPOT ON - Sissi Neumayr and her talented ways

Songwriter, singer, musician, actress, TV-producer of SiSSilicious, presenter, . . the list could go on. All these are the talents of one special woman: Sissi Neumayr. I always say SiSSSSiii ;)

June 2014: Two Austrians on their way up north to Prague, sharing a wonderful room in that 19th century flat of Philip, our smart and nice AirBnB host. It's me and Sissi. Looking forward to 3 days of the Audition & Casting Workshop with Casting Director Nancy Bishop.
Always learn from the best and she is one of them. Met so many great actors and actresses from all over Europe, but that's another story ;)
Putting the spotlight back on Sissi, a multitalented `crazy friendly bitch´, in her own words. After studying acting at LAMDA (The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts) she instantly picked up a record deal as soon as she got out of school.

Her musical side, composing, songwriting and singing, was (and still is) so strong and full of potential that the owners of Trangressive Records got together to found their now uber successful Indie label to release SiSSi's first single "Oh Marie" (with her band Ladyfuzz) and help her creativity fly. 
SiSSi was born into a cozy nest in Burgenland (the Austrian county furthest to the east)to two classical singers. And like every baby-bird she learned everything she needed to know about singing from mama-bird and papa-bird.`Music automatically took over my life, even after studying acting'. Sounds great to me. I love to sing too, in my high-pitched disney-like voice. I try my best! Haha.

So the blond, shiny bird, SiSSi, headed off to London to search for other birds with musicial talent to start her band Ladyfuzz, an experimental Indie pop band. 

SiSSi: `When I started in the music business, it was an absolute no-go to let your songs or face be used for advertising but nowadays, even only a few years later, everybody is doing it. One of my friends put down a four-hundred thousand pound deal to use his song in a car advert because there was the danger of becoming "that band from that advert" and no one wanted to be associated with brand advertising, it just wasn't a cool thing to do. Times are changing quickly, as we can see . .

Like a superhero she flys with a crimson cape. I asked: What is your natural personality? SiSSi: warm, positive, passionate, intimate, personal, funny and silly, always up for a big laugh.
That´s an attitude perfect for a presenting and interviewing. At the moment SiSSi produces and presents a short Music interview format for OKTO TV, Vienna´s first open TV network. 

`It´s a really great network. The content is up to me and I am very independent. I can shoot what and whom I want to. I am not tied to a place or demographic. So when I travel and I do travel a lot, I can choose to collaborate with artists along the way, wherever I am at the time. That way i can keep it an international affair and I can produce the show from wherever I am.
My show is called SiSSilicious. You can watch it here: 
Okto-Channel: sissilicious

The interviews on my show are really more like ARTIST on ARTIST Interviews, since I tend to grab people who I am friends with or whom i met within the music scene along the way, so they are generally like catch up chats and quite personal. My latest shows featured Pop starlet turned Indie artist VV Brown, Kele of Bloc Party, Kate Nash andthe young Berlin-based band Ballet school, a `cool, very 80ies sounding band. Their singer Rosie has an unbelievable voice´.
Another upcoming music project in the making is a collaboration with Austrian DJ Der Wanderer of Die Jungen Wilden, a remix, maybe a top line or a hole new song. We are working on it right now and still figuring that out. 
So I can´t quite keep my fingers off the music . . .´

Which artists would you like to write a song for or with?
Bowie + Lorde.
Do you use your own music in your show?Not yet, but I should. Haha.

You recently had your first line in a Hollywood movie?
Oh yes! (grins)

Which was?
You'll have to wait and see when it comes out next year. It's a film called Woman in Gold and was shot this summer, an American-British production about some Gustav Klimt paintings that were rightfully reclaimed after a decade of fighting the Austrian government for them. The wonderful Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds and Daniel Brühl star in it.
So back to acting then?
Yes, right now, I am in a phase of transformation, shifting my weight from music leg to the other, the acting one. I love acting so much, I always have. 

What is the difference for you between being a singer or an actress?
Acting is all about truth, it's about your truth and the character's and about humanity, simple as that. The process revolves around me pulling something out from my inside, from my life experiences and breathe it into my character. Nothing else to think about and feel but my own truth within a scene and a relationship in that moment. 

`Music, the business of it, is all about the 'package' these days. There are so many things to consider, not just the  chords, lyrics and melodies and the instrumenation, but also the production, the different edits, the remixes, the formula, the face, the label, the PR, the strategies, the videos and the hype if you want to make it work.

Now don't get me wrong, as an actress you do also sell a full package of course, but while you are playing your scene all you have to do is to be right there, in that moment, present and alive and emotionally full. And that just feels amazing. 
I think i have an urge to simplify my life at the moment, haha.

And another thing I so love about acting (at least for film) is that no one day is the same as the next or the one before. There are always new people, new sets, new feelings to feel and new emotions to convey. I <3 font="" that.="">

What else is on your 'creativity list'?

Oh, a fashion label! All my crazy and edgy clothes worn on stage, in my videos or in every day life, are handpicked, often Vintage pieces and customised in to unique treasures for my wardrobe.
I will definitely have a fashion label one day. But that can wait until I am old an ugly, hahaha. 

I heard California is on your list of things to come?
Yes, I've been back and forth between London, Vienna, Berlin and LA and I'm now thinking of moving to Los Angeles and adding film composing to the list of 'things I do'.

Thank you for the interview. 
SiSSi, the blond bird, wants to fly over the ocean and we hope that her creativity and original style lead her to find that rainbow of success over there. 

  All photos are copyright of Isabelle v. Spreckelsen

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