kintsukuroi - kintsugi - wabi sabi - how to love imperfection with gold

How can it be that I never heard of kintsugi or wabi sabi before? 

Its a japanese philosophy and art form, that although its broken and therefore has imperfections we still love it or even more and find more beauty in it than before. Ohhhh.

In Western countries, when something is broken, we throw it away to replace it. Because we need something whole, something perfect, even when its our favourite mug. (To all messies outside there, that doesnt mean, you should keep everything because its broken! ;))

But the japanese had the idea of repair destroyed pottery with powdered gold/ silver or platinum. Incredible to use something so expensive and popular to show the beauty of a piece by putting the single pieces together again. Because: There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in! *Love*

`Imperfections´ Artwork by Megan Lundberg.

It all started in the late 15th century, when a shogun sent a damaged Chinese tea bowl back to China to get fixed. It returned held together with ugly metal staples, so Japanese craftsmen where challenged by finding a way of repairing that could make a broken piece look as good as new, or better. Japanese collectors developed such a taste for kintsugi that some were accused of deliberately breaking prized ceramics, just to have them mended in gold.

It leads into the wabi sabi lifestyle/ philosophy: 
wabi sabi is about embracing the flawed or imperfect. We end an objects lifes service not because of cracks, we rather keep it, highlighting the cracks and repairs as simply an event in the life of it and accept the change. Thats an aspect of human life! A pottery thats perfect and supershiny and has no marks of using, may never have been touched and used. A living pottery gets some imperfections and maybe breakes a bit, but is always in moving hands :)With movement comes energy.

How relieving to read about an aesthetic philosophy like that. Very clever in times we use photoshop to make everybody perfect and wrinkleless, retouching is the opposite, we get rid of all the imperfections.


Plate service, not broken, only in the style of kintsugi for 1360€! hello hello. here can u buy it: Kintsugi Plate Set

Lakeside Pottery: sometimes I am not even sure, if the didnt break it for repairing it.
The tools. Pic from
Hahah, how cool! New idea, make it yourself ;) or get it here:  kintsugi kit
Lakeside Pottery: wonderful all the colors :)
 Found an amazing idea from enarcheblog:

I think the kingdom of God could be called the Kintsugi Kingdom. It’s populated with all of us broken people, still bearing the signs of our brokenness but made whole and beautiful and wonderful and healed by God. A kingdom where no matter where you are in your journey of faith, beginning, middle, or end; no matter what happens to us, we  are never past the point of God’s touch, God’s renewing, regenerating, repurposing. God is the potter, and we are the clay. And while God may remold and reshape us at various times, in ways we might never have anticipated or expected, to suit God’s will, it’s clear that God never give up on us clay vessels, even long after we’ve been fired and aged and brittle. Out of our brokenness comes new hope, new life, new possibilities. We are kintsugi creatures in God’s kintsugi kingdom.

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