Finding Vivian Maier

Vivan Maier - secret photographer - a lifetime without anybody really knowing about her talent and now one of the most important street photographers in the world. crazy. That is my favourite self portrait. the mirroring girls in her dark coat. absolutely genius.
Found out about her today. Saw this picture, not knowing its from her, a couple of weeks ago and I loved it immediately. One of my favourites of her collection. Why? to try to make an impression and show my intellectuality I could start a bunch of phrases. Its simple, I love horses. And the contrast of a young boy riding with ropes, without a saddle and confidence in a city (NY) is incredible. I love extremes and its kind of a fantasy to have the free spirit and ability to do this in a city.
I know she was passing, she saw the mirror, herself, the idea jumped into her mind, he was moving the mirror too quickly, so she asked the nice guy if he would freeze. Marvellous.
Love Love Love. A wonderful huge box and a wonderful little boy.

Not even touched yet and already enjoying.

Category: Big and Small

Life is sometimes great. My face is a balloon my little babygirl.

Vivian loved mirroring things . . . she had a great eye.
Early posing . . .

Oh Gosh! Oh my dear, somebody is tired.


Midcentury dressing for children was much more appealing than today, little coats, dresses, knee high socks, sandals . . .

I love children, when they are allowed to look sweet and innocent and not like little adults.

Wes Anderson is calling ;)
The old buggy and the whole composition even though its life. Super!
Thats me:

Long hair! The only pic I think.

That leaf gives me the rest. Simply fantastic.


Two old Ladys looking awesome! Dresse and hair are making such a difference to nowadays short hair and boring Bonita/Gerry Weber clothes . . .
Love! The streetwalker girls (hehe) and that horse a** :D


Pretty Girls! Oh God, dresses and hairs done and we all look gorgeous!

All Photos are courtesy of Vivian Maier

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