Film Premiere - Attention A Life in Extremes

My ticket to the screening.
Love Documetaries. Especially when there is a fresh touch (graphic, music by Anna Müller, cut, idea, more raw but also very close). 

Every extreme sport in `Attention A Life in Extremes´ has his own feeling, of course, but I mean with the audience. 
The Wingman/ Basejumper Halvor: it was crazy, everybody was breathing in, 200km/h wow, the noise when he jumps off the rocks and the wings open for the first time, a stopped heart for a second. There was something like `I wouldnt do it´, the idea of falling off the sky and crash the ground makes u afraid.

Apnoe Diver Guillaume: the breathing technique, the calmness, the ocean, boats, the darkness, the huge pressure when u dive in the depth, it makes u afraid too, but there is a desire to be able to do it, to be free in the water, there is a real beauty in it. And a feeling of security (maybe remembering the mothers womb ;))

Gerhard the race cyclist: 9 days 5000km, yes sure, why not. Its hot, long and u nearly never sleep. 9 days 6 hours sleep in whole. Totally exhausting. You have to mentally push yourself and your physical limit that much, that u are like in an addiction. You can´t stop. There is no way back. He trains every day up to 7 hours, cycling alone through mountains and Europe. All to win that special race in the USA. For us unsporty audience too tiring. Dry lips, less food (helloo we Austrians need a good Jause ;)) and always somebody who is faster than you. Incredible. 

We learn: When u focus on something and train hard, you will get fantastic and reach new heights (mentally and physically). We can do whatever we want to do. We create it and to be in and around nature is one of the best things you can do.


Gerhard Gulewicz, Guillaume Néry, Director Sascha Köllnreitner and Halvor Angvik answering questions.

ECK & SPRECK - my better half, Anne Eck, she is working on her first Album, my favourite song: `Home´
Gerhard, Guillaume, Sasha, Halvor. Different nations, different talents, all extreme. On the left is Halvor from Norway (how norwegian can he be with his jacket - he actually bought it here in Vienna ;).
The crew! Awesome.
With Guillaume and Julie (a underwater director) and Viktor Schaider (the director of photography, wonderful work what he did). I love Apnoe diving and water/ diving more than I can possible say. Underwater: there is such a quietness and peace. They are a wonderful couple and team, creating wonderful short movies, only underwater! I wanna learn how to dive for minutes and be like a fish. They made crazy records, Guillaume is diving more than 117m in the darkness of the sea.
This is the work of Julie and Guillaume: Free Fall - made the both kinda popular! Its wonderful.

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