LOVERS ON THE SUN - DAVID GUETTA - Hmm, the video . . .

Shazamed that song three times. So I had to watch the video finally ;). Not one of my favs, but still a good song. Youtube commentors mumble about a 10% Guetta, 10% Martin and 80% Avicii style. But its no surprise, Avicii is the young musician/DJ/music produer we have to spot on.
We all love Swedes ;D Besides he co-produced that song. 

Wonderful! So in love with stone deserts.

Looking good - traditional 19th century Western style. Until here its okay.

The sexy - was the undertitle  . . . äh yes. I rather think she looks specific, a calm beauty and like the young Sofia Coppola. Okay compared to men and horses in the video, she might be the sexy on.

Great idea! Nice shot. Strong girl rescuing the man. Like. To take the sun and have that powerful source. Here, she puts the sun in her saddlebag, but when they are escaping in the next shot, its daylight again?! What. For what reason I release my lover during the darkness, so the villains cant really see us, and to turn on the light again? Then the villains can catch us much easier. And to find the way through the darkness, she could shine a bit . .  Hmm. Dont get that in a logical way. Isabelle its a music video. Yes, but still. . .

Super-not-satisfied with that escape-galopp-scene. I don´t believe any of them. Everybody is holding back their horse. Hello its an escape with bad villains, they even have pistols. Caution! Hahah, come on. Too less energy in that scene.

Kinda cool collage, isnt it a bit 80s? Only the color grading and the quality is modern, like the idea of rock and staring eyes.
Here she strips and in the next shot, she is wearing it again? Häh, what.
I know they wanted to give her a modern touch, the white denim shorts (I will talk about them later), the bandeau and that underwear-set. Dont like. Really not. Its not even a cool mix with the 19th century bath tub, its only boring and doesnt fit the style. Oh dear, whatever. Main point of the scene: Hey, we need someone sexy and half-naked. Cause sex sells. Boring.

Nice double shot.

Hey naked legs. Gosh.

Cool: she has the sunlight energy in her colt. Fantastic idea, that she can tame that high energy.
Its melting.

Like: that there is at least the try to portray a strong woman, even though I dont really believe her toughness. That pic reminds me after a movie about a woman from Afghanistan or Iraq. That was a good one. Just have to remember that name. 

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