Vintage Shop Zoom :D - The Way We Wore located in L.A.

Amazing shop for Vintage clothes. Only the good stuff, when u understand. Sequins, feathers, lamée, moiré, evening gowns . . . . I searched for the best pieces to show u some Vintage treasures. And I nearly picked only stuff, that´s already sold. Hahah. I tested myself a couple of times (by hiding the price and sold buttons) and really 80% of the pieces I wanted to put in here, was sold. What does that mean? I should work as a buyer. Hahaha. So some of the treasures the shops offers and aren´t sold, are following!

Vintage Shop Los Angeles - The Way We Wore

Authentic 1950s Silk Satin Neckholder Drapery - wonderful. I wanna have, but too small :( 60cm waist. yes of course.

Authentic 1950s Lavender Silk Tull Dream - I wanna have, but its absolutely too small, 55cm waist. Yes of course *how much would it cost to remove some rips . . .* just kidding ähm yeah . . .

Cooliomatico 90s Paraphernalia Bejeweled Royal Blue Velvet Mini Dress - reminds me of the dress on `The Nanny´ one actress is wearing. I wanna have :D

1960's Pauline Trigere impressionist Print Cocktail Dress - Looks exactly like one of todays Digital Print Trend dresses

Amazing Valentino Silk Gown with Embroidered Cherries - I wanna have! Darkblue is wonderful to my hair, the cherries are sweet and trashy and the sleek style fits me. That I know for sure ;)

Venet Silk Chiffon Pleated Cocktail Dress with Beading - I really like the transparent parts! It´s a pity that its beige or a kind of. Wearing such a color let me look like a sandstorm corpse.

1980s Zipper Dress - so stunning and cool and trashy, I can´t stand anymore! Sold, but I will always remember it. I wanna have it! :D

1990s Gregio Drapery Bustier Dress - marvellous with all the colors!

1980s Harpoon Dress - sequins and red! Sexy sexy :D
Pamela Dennis Couture Crocodile Halter Top - marvellous although its real dead animal :`(

So cooolll! Mini Mouse forever :D -
Amazing Vintage Stanley Hagler Spring Floral Beaded Necklace with Earrings

1960's Donald Brooks Bamboo Print Silk Dress with Jacket - like today from Gucci
1970´s Halston Nude Crepe Grecian Dress with Cape - love love love Cape - love love love Grecian dresses - the only thing, its beige - not my color - ice blue would be marvellous
Mammamia! Horsehair Dead Lemon Colored Coat - hyper hyper from Jaques Fath!
Chanel Evening Gown with a Cut Out Detail! <3 i="">
Stunning 4 Strand Kingman Natural Turquoise with Inlaid Mosaic - love the color and the way of native american jewellery

Halston Striped Crepe Chiffon Dress with Shrug - quite easy to make I would say.
Norma Kamali Reflective Nylon Ball Gown - I dont know - I like it

Unbelievable 1930's Silver Lamé Gown with Train - you have to be slim as hell - what would I give to fit in O.O
1980's Carolyn Roehm Midnight Blue Velvet Cutaway Gown - the fashion circle comes always again - similar things you can buy today
1970s Novarese Layered Chiffon Caftan in Mondrian Shades - very 80s, but kinda cool too.

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