New Love: Ancient Greek Sandals

3 Loves in One:
1. I really love the greek mythology
2. natural leather sandals and 
3. the idea of giving them the names 
of the heroes and heroines of the mythology

Wegpage of AGS 
My favourite one is Ikaria in Gold. `Wings! I have my very own wings!`- for them which knows Thumbelina and the Finale reunion with Cornelius.
Hermes. For men and for partner look outfits :D 170€

Medea pink metal 160€

Ancient Greek Sandals by Marios Schwab 420€, extremely beautiful, make me feel immediately being in `300´ or another Sparta movie.

The lower lighter version of Marios Schwab sandals. Wonderful and a really want-to-by. 285€

Chrysso 180€

Ioli 170€

Phaidra 160€
Tyche black 220€

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