IGGY AZALEA - Hippedihopp you´re top!


To emigrate with 16 to another continent, alone with a dream and the ken that she´ll be successful at that special kind of music (Rap or Pop Rap), is nearly incredible. She wanted to learn, work and be there, where Rap is coming from: America. So she decided to leave everything behind and went there. 
To know, what u really want, what are u really good at and stick with it, is sometimes very hard. To be brave and try your best (like Iggy is singing `working on my shit´)  is very important. When u satisfied with the things you´re doing, that´s great, that´s the first step. Then push forward, don´t doubt. 

Good and bad for the same time: Iggy is very exceptional at that kind of music: 
white, very long light blonde hair, a girl,  kinda feathery but with a great big butt and sometimes still a little bit girlish (I´ve seen a photoshoot, where she was interviewed and she was very sweet, different to the sexbomb dancing Iggy in the videos).

Her guide is Fran Drescher from the Nanny! Mine too. Love love love her and the whole series, you learn a loooot about life and how to take it not that serious (comparing to other senseless-one-time-watch-series with stupid dialogues and unneccessary stories).

A bit of her style:

So clear and shiny, beautiful and very delicate.
You have to be thaaat slim to wear such a sexy dress. It all has to be on the right place ;)

Wonderful with the bluish background.

A bit 90s with the big golden clips and the Versace-looking lion. Tres cool!
I really admire the way, she and her stylist are mixing pattern and colors.
I can imagine this outfit on The Nanny, Frani Fine too!

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