Today I am in the mood for love . . what noop. No, what I meant was english :D
It´s february girls and boys, it´s carnival. Austrian Faschingszeit. 
So you and I have a mission: to dress up. Not usually dressing up with a boring,
but sexy blackthing, noooo. Time´s right for more than a 10€-plastic-dress from the supermarket. Customize yourself . . . and help me find the right for my next Faschingsparty. 

I have to choose between Sleeping Beauty and Red Riding Hood. 
When you want you could help me choosing and write a comment.
Do it. It´s open for all.
So, first  . . .

little pic-story for you:
Sleeping Beauty, in german Dornröschen is alone in the castle. You know, her parents are on a journey and will come back, when she´s in artifcial coma. She is a funny girl, no child of sadness (kein Kind von Traurigkeit). 

Dornröschen, what you´re doing? That´s absolutely not your mirror. . . she always touches things, they´re not owned by her and then she´s surprised. Get out of the room. There´s 100% a litterly bad witch, normally little, little bit attractive but now transformed in an old woman and filled with bitterness.
Hello girligirl, do you see still something interesting? Please, don´t touch any sharp pieces like knives, spindles, spindles or spindles, okay? Okay?  . . . Get your white horse and go for a ride trough the forest, more exiticing than this. Believe me.

Oh, bumtschakalakka. What did I say? Hm, girligirl. Yes, I know, it´s her destiny to sleep and then get the right hot prince on is own white horseback. We´re waiting.

second little pic-story for you:

Wow, what happened? You´re no child. Sorry. Where´s our Rotkäppchen? It´s more like, she constrained her poor grandmother for sew-work (for the bigboom silk skirt, leather belt with silk fringe detail and ornamental velvet jacket hoodie . . .  that means 4 weeks 40 hours a week 8 hours a day).

Oh, the basket is empty. Maybe she begs for money to buy the materials for the next outfit or to get free food to feed her sweatshop-granny while sewing. No, now I get it! She´waiting for the hunter. Not every hunter ist old and when he´s old, who say that he has no crispy son. Clever hoodiegirl :)

I think he´s coming! Uhh, I am desperately agog to see how the hunter´s son look like. Hui.

Okay, where are the next pic? 
Sorry, what the hell! 
Where´s the pic of the hunter´s son?
I want the pic of him. 
Now . . . . I´m waiting.
Still yet.
That´s no joke.
Give it to me!
Please :,0

Okay, you get me cried. 
My costume: Maulende Myrthe
(from HP, I don´t know the english name)

concept, production, 
photography, styling, 
hairstyling, make-up
and model: Isabelle v. Sp.

Sleeping Beauty: 
Swarovski Tiara, Vintage floral dress

Red Riding Hood: 
the velvet jacket and the skirt are really sewn by my grandmothers hands ;)
Vintage leatherbelt and red silkscarf (Trachtentuch)

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hey hey....I'm voting for the red riding hood - A LOT SEXIER :P