LSWF - London Screenwriter Festival 2010

Baker Street. Busy, busy and once again busy. So, pass Madame Tussaud´s, turn left, go straight ahead and walk over a bridge with troubled water into a green, peaceful place called Regent´s College. There the festival took place. It was absolutely marvellous, now weeks later, we delegates still highlight it among each other. 

Where´s the fairy bridge?
Oh, here :)

Some of the Workshops:

- I have a great script, now what? 
- 50 ways into business . . .
- Should you produce?
- Negotiation Skills
- Networking the room
- Why 98% of scripts get rejected?
- The writer´s voice
and a loads of more with fantastic speakers.

Fest Intro with Michael Gubbins and Tim Bevan (Producer of Working Title - Pride & Prejudice, Bridget Jones, Love . . . Actually, . . .)
Hollywood Hookup with Festival Director David Chamberlain and Stephen Gyllenhaal (Father of Maggie and Jake, Director of some Numb3rs and Mentalist episodes)

For those who couldn´t be there some important delicacy:

- Work on your writing skills  - discipline and practicing
- try to balance the non commercial and commercial parts and ideas of your script
- be passionate and love your script, when you don´t like it why I should do it?
- it´s all about the money, why a producer should spend millions on realising your story?
- what´s the originality? The special idea? Does it have to be the 45th vampire story?  
   and when it is one, why your´s is better than another?

-  spend a lot of time in the process, the developement of the story, the characters, the 
    scenes and the theme of the plot
- what in your story can appeal the audience?
- story telling is the most important thing we can do :)
- write a gripping story for a grown up/ clever audience
- for a feature film: not more than 100 pages oder 101 script (extremely 120)

- check always if the scenes and the story is relating to the drama theme
- what´s about? what do I want to say with my film? what do I know in the end what I
   didn´t  know at the beginning?
- make your story more complex, get deeper and deeper into it
- authenticity!!! (the characters, the motives, the behaviour, . . . )
- goal. what does the hero/ heroine / main character wants and what do he/ she need?

- deal with the conflicts, let the characters get their own way
- somebody who isn´t you should understand the story!
- read scripts and screenplays
- important: 1. idea, 2. scenes, 3. structure, 4. character, 5. dialogue
- tell yourself the story, is it fluently? does it work?

- whose story is it?
- when you pitch, don´t tell the story, sell it!
- be flexible with the story (for example: I wrote this character for Brad Pitt, for him only . . .  
   Sorry, we can´t get him . . . so what´s know?)
- know the producer/ the company exactly you want to pitch face to face! what´s his/ her/  
   their programme? 
- know what´s your story about, know the answers to the questions that might get aksed

There´s a dozen more to write down  . . . and to think about :)
I hope you catch something for yourself, something you could use . . .

Join it next year, it would be a pleasure for all.

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